"It is critically important to hold our judges to a high standard, not just regarding ethics, but also when it comes to experience. I set an equally high bar for myself having dedicated my 35-year career to justice and fairness in the practice of municipal and public law. As Lakewood Municipal Court Judge my goal will be to continue protecting the safety and well-being of our community." 
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Trusted Experience is the Difference

The difference is trusted, in-depth experience, including trial experience handling the cases and issues that come before the municipal court. And that experience is recent, relevant and in multiple Ohio municipal courts, including Lakewood.  The municipal court is very different than other courts and that experience is vital to a proper functioning court.


With Sara Fagnilli, the court that will be managed by someone who understands how the court operates, and who has worked with people in court and understands their situations.  Throughout her career, Sara has heard people express fear of going to court and missing time from work, or being unable to find childcare. Court should not provide an additional hardship. People she has worked with have told her they are grateful for the ability to have discussions by phone and final resolution through the use of technology.


As an officer of the court working as a municipal prosecutor, Sara’s duty is to do what is fair and just. She has successfully utilized diversion to save someone a criminal conviction while providing them an opportunity to provide service to the community, in lieu of another penalty. Knowing when to be lenient, or to be tough is important to protect the community, but it is also critical when it comes to impacting a person’s life path.  Only Sara has the experience helping clients navigate the legal process, and live with a judge’s decision.


Lakewood deserves a judge who is ready to make those serious decisions, not an administrator. We need someone with Sara Fagnilli’s trusted experience.



Get Involved

Campaigns take a lot of work and we need all hands on deck to elect Sara Fagnilli to the Lakewood Municipal Court bench. 


Sara Fagnilli advanced to the November 2nd General ballot. Please remember to vote!

We appreciate any contribution to help us fund the costly effort of informing voters about Sara Fagnilli. 


Election Day
It is critically important that everyone exercises their right to vote.
Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021 and early voting begins on October 7.
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