"It is critically important to hold our judges to a high standard, not just regarding ethics, but also when it comes to experience. I set an equally high bar for myself having dedicated my 35-year career to justice and fairness in the practice of municipal and public law. As Lakewood Municipal Court Judge my goal will be to continue protecting the safety and well-being of our community." 
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Sara Fagnilli’s experience in this particular field of law spans 35 years, including as a Municipal Prosecutor and Law Director. The court moves quickly, sees over 100 cases weekly and often is the only encounter many residents will have with the judicial system. It is in this environment that Sara has thrived in and has honed her legal skills.



Get Involved

Campaigns take a lot of work and we need all hands on deck to elect Sara Fagnilli to the Lakewood Municipal Court bench. 


The top 2 Municipal Judge candidates will advance to the November 2, 2021 General and we fully intend for Sara Fagnilli to be one of those candidates!

We appreciate any contribution to help us fund the costly effort of informing voters about Sara Fagnilli. 


Election Day
It is critically important that everyone exercises their right to vote.
The Lakewood primary is Tuesday, September 14, 2021 and early voting begins on August 17th.
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